What is Web site about? Why, OYSTONs, of course!

I have always been curious about my family name. If I go to a strange city, I will often see if there are any Oystons in the phone book. Now I am into the Internet, I will sometimes look up the name in a Search Engine and see what crops up. (The technical term for this is "ego-surfing"!)

About every couple of months, someone e-mails me to say "My name is Oyston. Are we related? Where does the name come from?".

I was brought up believing the name was Norwegian, but when I went there with my parents, we found no Oystons in the Oslo or Bergen phone books. See Was there a King Oyston of Norway? for more details

My current theory is that the "Original Oyston" was a John Oyston of Hamsterley, baptised 23 Apri 1671, son of a Richard Ouston. Ouston is a place name used by several places in the north-east of England, the largest of which is in Durham, where most Oystons originate. See "The Original Oyston?" for details.

If your name is OYSTON, you are invited to join the fun! Send an e-mail about yourself and your family, and any information you have about the OYSTON name, and I will post it here. If you have a picture, send that too, preferably in JPG or GIF format.

I can scan and return photos if you wish - please put your name and address on the back! Mail them to me at 18 Whitehall Road, Toronto, ON, M4W 2C6, Canada. I will presume permission to post information sent to me, unless you state otherwise.




Mysterious missing Australian Oyston

I got an email from Natasha []

Hi John….
My name is Natasha Schroder and I have been asked by a distant cousin to send you an e-mail regarding our relative. My cousins name is Lindsey and I believe you’ve had contact with her already. We are working together in our quest to find this person.
The lady I’m searching for is Louisa Oyston. She has also been known as Jane Oyston. Apparently her father was a ‘Church of England ‘Vicar. At some point in her life, Louisa(aka Jane) ended up in Australia and Married Conrad Schroder on 15th. July 1843. She had two children , Albert William Henry Mark Schroder b. 1845 and Conrad Hammon Schroder b. 1847. Louisa died 10 days after Conrad Hammon was Born at the age of 33. She was born in 1814 or thereabouts. Any information that you or your readers might find in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Maps of Oystons

- Oystons in Britain by county, location of Ouston (courtesy of Micheal A Oyston).

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