1889 letter from JW Oyston

Someone else who was tracing Oyston family trees (I'm sorry, I forget who it was) emailed me this amazing letter. We all hope that when we research our family trees we will find we were descended from rich and famous people. It turns out I come from a line of shopkeepers, blacksmiths and teachers.
This is a sad letter from my great great great grandfather to his daughter Mary Ann "the only one who does anything for me", written on Dec 26th 1898 when he would have been 85, begging for a few shillings to buy coal.

Letter front (348K)

Letter back (356K)


Evenwood Dec 26th 1889
Dear Mary Ann
I received your box all right
with many thanks for your
kindness to wards mee (sic)
for you are the only one who does
anything for me I must thank
you for that paper you bout (sic) me
it has mad(e) my little cot look a
great deal better for it is a boney (bonny)
paper it sets the ro(o)m niceley (sic)
you must give my best respects
to Thomas and all the famley(sic)
hoping those few lines will as
levs me at present i want to se(e)
if you would be so kind as send me
a few shiligs to get a load of coales
as i am nearly out and i have nothing
to get none with is real(l)y need that
makes me ask you you se(e) coles has
got up Coals that i paid three and
sixpence they are now five and sixpence
i send kind love to you all and wishing
you mer(r)y chris(t)mas and hap(p)y new
year I remain your affectionate father
J W Oyston

Front of Envelope:
Mr Thomas Kay
Master Brickmaker
50 Tudho Colrey
Postmarked Bishop Auckland De 27 89
Rear of Envelope:
Postmarked Evenwood De 27 89
Postmarked Spennymoor De 28 89
Postmarked Tudhoe Colliery De 28 89

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