San Francisco and Yosemite Diary
Saturday 11th to Wednesday 22nd October 2003

October 18th
Glacier Point

Decided to take the bus up to Glacier Point, partly for the views and partly to see the "Roughrider and the Tramp" performed there.

I was surprised to find there was one whole bus just for people wanting a one-way trip, and planning to walk down. I decided to do a little uphill, and get off at Sentinel Dome to do that short climb.

The bus driver gave a very good account of the views, and details of all the fires which seem part of everyday life here.

Got out of the bus, a little nervous at my first solo hike, after all the warnings about bears, but in fact the trails were well travelled and I never saw any.

Fantastic views from the top of the dome. Hiked quickly down to Glacier Point, just making it in time for 12:30, but the show was late starting. Interesting to hear the play again (I had seen it the day before in Yosemite Valley), and listen to the arguments about the use and protection of wild spaces

Bought lunch an a T-Shirt from the gift shop, sat and admired the views. There were all sorts of people there, from tourists who never walked more than 100 yds from their buses to people who had done multi-day hikes along the ridge of Cloud's Rest.

A long and rather tedious hike down, interspersed with some incredible views. Was glad to get back into the valley and cool my feet in the Merced River. Got back to my cabin and wished the "bathroom" really had a bath, not just a shower.

View from bus
Sentinel Dome

Me at Sentinel Dome
Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir

Half Dome
Yosemite Falls