San Francisco and Yosemite Diary
Saturday 11th to Wednesday 22nd October 2003

October 16th
Drive to Yosemite

Checked out of hte Hotel and walked to Alamo's office to pick up a car. A little tricky getting back to the hotel to pick up my luggage, and hhead out of town, but soon I was cruising the Californai freeways, heading for the hills! Couldn't make up my mind where to stop for lunch, and while checking out one exit I ran over a piece of wood. A little later I realised I had a flat tire! Stopped and put on the spare. A construction worker offered to help, and gave directions to the nearest tire place, Amaerica's Tyres in Tracy. They fixed the tire at no charge, and insisted on putting it back on the car for me. The mall included a fast food Mexican restaurant, so I had a great cheap meal there, and read some of Micheal Moore's "Where's My Country, Dude". California is SUCH A GREAT PLACE.

Headed on, stopping at Pucks's roadside cactus farm. The countryside gradually got hillier. Stopped in Groveland for a coffee, then a long twisting trail up into the hills. Finally entered Yosemite, and was greated by a great distant view of Half Dome.

Suzuki Aerio from Alamo
Pucks cactus nursery

Dry Grassland
Entering the sierras

Groveland saloon - the oldest in California
The Destination - Half Dome