Historical Anaesthetic Equipment

From a Catalogue of Surgical Equipment
published in London, England, in 1930

Endo-Tracheal Ether Apparatus, Magillís

No. Description
354 Endo-Tracheal Ether Apparatus, Magillís, latest pattern, with drip feed, warming chamber. aneroid type manometer. and safety valve, complete with ether bottle, hand bellows, tubing and one endo-tracheal catheter.

The apparatus consists of a heating chamber formed by the intervening space between two metal cylinders, the innermost of which must be kept filled with water at a temperature of not less than 120 deg. F. The ether is driven into the heating chamber through a drop sight-feed by maintaining a slightly increased pressure in the bottle with a hand bellows.

A manometer is provided and an adjustable mechanical safety. valve which is operated by a ball and spring. The apparatus can be used with a motor blower, compressed air, oxygen, or foot bellows.

each 10 5 0
Endo-Tracheal Ether Apparatus, Magillís
355 Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen-Chloroform-Ether-Carbon Dioxide Apparatus, Magillís, latest pattern, consisting of ether apparatus complete as fig. 534, and in addition sight feed mixing bottle for nitrous oxide and oxygen, separate sight feed bottle for carbon dioxide, and chloroform bottle, the whole mounted on nickel-plated tray with carrying handles.

A descriptive pamphlet showing illustration of Magill's latest apparatus will be sent upon application.

each 15 15 0

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