Historical Anaesthetic Equipment

From a Catalogue of Surgical Equipment
published in London, England, in 1930


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390 Laryngoscope, Magill's, latest model, stainless steel, polished inside and outside, with handle containing dry battery, complete with one spare lens tipped lamp each 4 4 0
Magill's Laryngoscope, No. 390
A compact speculum, removing the trouble experienced with connecting cables. The illumination is derived form a lens tipped bulb of a size usually used in sigmoidoscopes. The distal end of the speculum is flat, wide, and tilted slightly upwards, an advantage in elevating and controlling the epiglottis. The unusual width of the slot at the side facilitates the passing of catheters and tubes for expiration without obstructing the visual field. The lug at the proximal end of the handle affords a purchase for the thumb, which is of value in manipulating the instrument into position.
391 Laryngoscope, Magill's, original pattern, stainless steel, polished inside and outside, complete with fixed handle, connecting cables and spare lens tipped lamp each 3 12 6
392 Spare lamps for either of the above, 3.5 volts each 0 4 6

No. Description
393 Laryngoscope, Mennell's, stainless steel, complete with connecting cables and spare lamp each 3 12 6
Mennell's Laryngoscope, No. 393

No. Description
395 Laryngoscope, Shipway's, stainless steel, complete with connecting cables and spare lamp each 3 12 6
Shipway's Laryngoscope, No. 395

Note about prices:
British prices were in pounds (£ ), shillings (s.) and pence (d.). Each shilling is 1/20th of a pound, and each penny is 1/12 of a shilling or 1/240th of a pound. To convert to pounds, count each shilling as 0.05 pounds and each penny as 0.00417 pounds. Three pounds, twelve shillings and six pence is therefore 3.625 pounds.
In July 1996 one pound was worth 2.12 Canadian or 1.55 US dollars.

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