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An extensive area of flat or rolling, predominantly treeless grassland, especially the large tract or plain of central North America.
Tallgrass Prairie:
Prairie dominated by tall grasses such as Big Bluestem and Indian Grass.

The prairie features the four main tallgrass prairie grasses (Big Bluestem, Indian Grass, Little Blue Stem and Switch Grass), with Canada Wild Rye as a nurse crop. Seeds of fourteen typical prairie wildflowers, such as Bergamot, Beardtongue, Blazing Star, Showy Tick Trefoil, Skyblue Aster and Evening Primrose were also planted at the same time. The aim is to re-create the typical natural prairie environment which would have existed at the site before it was used for agriculture.

In general, weed specimens were well controlled. Small isolated pockets of Dog-strangling Vine had succumbed to repeated herbicide application and competition from other species. Thistles and White Clover were cut down with a scythe as often as possible.

By the fall of 2009 the prarie was well established. There were many solid clumps of Big Bluestem, Indian Grass and Switch Grass growing over six feet tall, and a few isolated patches of Little Bluestem.

Black-eyed Susan, Bergamot and Evening Primrose were growing very well. Isolated specimens of Showy Tick Trefoil were observed. There were patches of Asters and Goldenrods which had self-seeded.

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